Matt Bonham
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"Matt Bonham"
The valet service was quick but unorganized, seen by a long queue of empty cars both when arriving and when leaving. Inside the hotel/ casino it had a distinct smell of smoke, but as parts of the building do allow smoking, this is understandable. The room had an amazing view of the bay and the Atlantic City skyline. I got a feeling of grime and slight uncleanliness, but that may have also be contributed by the colour brown which was used very liberally in the designs. The casino floor had a large selection of games and tables, nearly all manned even early in the morning. Over all, anything and everything you could want is here. Not to mention the location. Literally right in the middle of the boardwalk and a few minutes walk from the outlets. All in all, if your looking for a place to stay in AC, Bally's is a great place to consider.