Richard Hewitt
Cal Neva Nevadan Tower Cal Neva Nevadan Tower
Reno, Nevada
"Richard Hewitt"
I'll start from the beginning we checked in with the valet and bellhop, service was awesome. There were 40 people in line in front of us at check in counter. I called to tell the manager so they could get more people to the front desk, he said they would send some, they never showed up. ( Abby was awesome along with other 2 over worked check'in staff ) We stayed in a suite that was supposed to have a pullout couch bed and it did not. After having the bellhop come to our room and deliver our luggage and tipped him $20 to find out we need to be switched from the west tower to the East Tower. I called the front desk because our movie channel would not work I let it ring 38 times and I then I called the operator and let it ring for I don't know how many times until she answered she was only person there she transferred me to the front desk where I got through and I was on hold for 17 minutes this hotel does not have enough help the people that do work here were great and did a great job I left a message for the vice president and general manager of operations Eric booster Buster or whatever his name is and I'm going to see if he gets back to if he doesn't then I'll personally visit him to express my displeasure