Dana Quinn
Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dana Quinn"
This is truly family friendly casino. If you are wanting a pampered, elegant, classy experience...DON'T go here even though it's one of the cheapest as far as room rates...you want a truly relaxing and grown-up experience, go to the Venetian. Don't get me wrong...my 35yr old butt hung right on in there with my 14 yr old daughter riding the rides and playing the carnival style games and had fun doing it. You have circus performances going on from 11 am to midnight that you can actually watch while playing the slot machines. The restaurants are ok...I haven't had a meal yet that had my eyes rolling back in my head yet, and I never found a good cup of coffee...(there's a Starbucks but I don't like their coffee) I would advise you to skip the breakfast buffet unless you get there early...eveything is dry and lifeless after the first hour. The rooms are nice clean and not smelly I just wish they had a heavier blanket on the bed.