Rachelle Rusch
Oneida Casino Oneida Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Rachelle Rusch"
I find all the staff to be very friendly, except the lady who cleans the bathrooms who is normally grumpy at me for having to use the restroom while she is cleaning it. I have played at casinos all over Wisconsin and I find the payout to be considerably equal. My single biggest complaint, well I have two. My most important complaint is i spend at least a grand a week consistently, and for promo play I get 15.00 every 5 days. Like someone else said, it's almost an insult. I noticed the owner commenting on reviews so I am hoping you will read this. I spend about 200/month at North Star and am given more promo play there than through Oneida. My second complaint is it's so cold in there in the summer time, but a sweater can solve that one. Overall, I would recommend playing Oneida. But quit being so stingy with the promo play, show appreciation to the locals who support you.