Jon Corter
Sierra Sid's Casino Sierra Sid's Casino
Sparks, Nevada
"Jon Corter"
Worst casino ever for a truck stop will never go again there are a bunch of scammers and they do a lot of illegal stuff keep an eye on your machine if you walk away to get some money real quick to reset the whole thing on you and that's illegal I was playing on a machine and I was just about to finish up the sole frog hopping thing I walked right next to the machine to the ATM to get some more cash real quick I looked over the guy turns around and resets the whole thing frogs are back in the starting position and I lost out on the $800 winning that I brought up now from my experience of working at casinos that is illegal to be doing you are not allowed to reset that considers the game as voided I will be speaking with ta corporate and inform them of their horrible customer service and their poor attitude towards customers I will also advise them of them resetting the machines behind other people's backs if your a trucker and you want to gamble go to the petrol screw ta