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Dec 19 '20 at 7:13

Sycuan Casino

By far the best customer service ever!!
Since pandemic this year it’s been hard everyone seemed like everything was not of importance like usual.. birthdays , weddings , anniversary’s, graduations, and even the holidays . It’s kinda like life went on pause but passed us by. So when businesses reopened and we were able to go back to casinos it was such a nice relief to feel somewhat normal again. Then as the holidays approached as does my bday I opened my mail and I received free play n food comps from Sycuan for my bday it was like “ wow they remembered my bday “ they reminded ME that it was my BDAY Of all the stuff we have all gone thru it was the last thing I expected. Idk why it was really touching this year, because I get a happy bday every year from them ( SYCUAN ) . I guess it was just nice to see I was remembered, even thru this hard time :) Sycuan was the only casino and only business that reached out to me saying hey happy birthday! U HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THE LITTLE THING THEY DID MEANT SO MUCH TO ME! Sure I’ve gotten bday stuff every year from Sycuan .. but this pandemic year it was even more special to me because they didn’t let anything change they stayed the same caring casino that doesn’t forget you! It was just a nice breath of fresh air to make u feel like (home again ) it’s going to be ok.