Danny Roach
Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel
Biloxi, Mississippi
"Danny Roach"
Alright guys this is the big one. I'm going to go into great detail with this review so it will be long. I arrived here July 25, 2016 at around 1 P.M. with my parents who parked temporarily at the front door. They do have a valet parking service, unfortunately I saw none of them around. We walked to the front desk only to see that there was one older woman who was on duty. After waiting for her to finish with the people in front of us, no other workers showed up, she finally received us. It wasn't anything special, she was nice and to the point as well as informative. I realized that it was not her that was the cause for a slow line, it was their outdated computer system. They were booked this day so we couldn't get a room with two beds looking over the ocean, the place is almost on the beach. Instead we got a room in the sixth floor facing the opposite direction. The thing about staying at this hotel was that it was 125 a night plus a 100 deposit for potential damages and whatnot. Another thing was that the lobby is part of the casino which is the first and second floor. It smelled so strongly of smoke I couldn't stop coughing until I got to our room. We get up to our room, which was 602, and it was super nice. It didn't smell like smoke, but there were cigarette burns in the curtains, no biggie. The bathroom is superior to any other hotel I have ever been in. There is a non working tv, lotion and face/hand soap dispensers next to the sink as well as a blow dryer. Free towels as well, there is also shampoo/conditioner and a body wash dispenser in the shower which doesn't have a door but it's pretty big for a shower. The water pressure is on point by the way. Also wanna let you know that there are balconies. Later on I went to the buffet with my parents. Breakfast is 10 Lunch is 13 Dinner is 25 This is per person. I think we arrived there late as the food was really lacking. The fried fish was excellent, thank you chef, but that peanut butter cake slice was turrible. I loved the okra and Mac and cheese though plus there was a huge selection indeed. All in all, I could tell the food had been sitting out and they were just waiting to rotate from lunch to dinner. Next was the swimming pools, so nice. Of course there wasn't a great view, no beautiful women here to oogle at guys, sorry. Mostly old people and couples with loud children, the norm. There are two pools, they are both outside but one is above the other. I stayed a few hours in the one on top, so comfy. There is a bar guys so maybe you can drink until you find something nice to look at. As for the prices at the bar, 3 dollars for a Miller light and 4 for a Corona. Pretty expensive plus they don't allow outside food and drinks and I saw them reinforce that regularly the 4 hours I was in the pool. Finally the beds are super comfy and clean and don't smell, I typed this all in while laying in the one closest to the bathroom. Hope this review helps some people. :)