jenna miller
Harrah's Gulf Coast Harrah's Gulf Coast
Biloxi, MS
"jenna miller"
Security is unproffesional you guys should take golden nuggets security set up as well as the palace as to where there is a security within eyesight. So underage people want to eat out for instamce at the steak and cheaks id for everyone who looks under 30 did a horrible job as that to let three girls(20's) walk right past hom and did not as for id.for the as the supervisor(who did not mention name) he was VERY unproffesional as well. To walk up and have a very rude tone to begin with mo supervisor should buff up to a guest thats not "southern hospitality" and elevator was broke could at least put a note mentioninh elevator was broke before walking threw the parking lot. Please learn how to handle situations better if your a supervisor.