J Gruben
River Cree Resort and Casino
Enoch, Alberta
"J Gruben"
Worst place to go to have a good time.Foods bad,service is bad in both restaurant and casino.Been there many of times and trust me it's not worth it.Treat you like dirt if you look like your having a good time.Kicked out my wife for having a good time,not bothering anybody but keeping to ourselves and friends.Went to get her a glass of wine from bar cause service is not bad.Came back and there was 4 security guards around her for what i don't know.Asked them and they kicked me out to with no explanation.Very shady place with lots of drug deals i notice.Wouldn't even recommend this place to my worst enemy,just cause the way they treat people of all racist.Top it all of were just simple minded country people trying to get by like everyone else.All about respect and treating people right,but if i see anyone treating my wife this way i lose it like anyone else.Seems like they take advantage of people who don't say nothing.They say 4 star service,lucky to get one star.