Christina Naylor
Snoqualmie Casino Snoqualmie Casino
Snoqualmie, Washington
"Christina Naylor"
I have never been so offended in my life. My boyfriend and I arrived before 1am and had been served one vodka redbull drink each. We took a short walk around the casino floor to decide if we wanted to play tables or slot machines. Before we decided to play slot machines we went to a different bar when I ordered one single vodka redbull where I was refused a drink. I politely accepted the refusal and walked away to immediately order a sandwich. My boyfriend was also refused a drink after me. I waited in line for my sandwich while my boyfriend was approached by security member. I collected my sandwich, walked over to asked what was going on and was very confused when I was asked to leave. I work in the service industry and completely understand the importance of Washington State liquor laws and stated this to the security office and manager. I was told I was showing signs of intoxication. I admitted to previously drinking, but even asked to be tested for intoxication. The whole situation continued with a discussion with the manager, who offered no assistance or reimbursement for my sandwich or ride from Fall City, WA. My boyfriend and I were escorted outside. I am still baffled by this occurrence and can not understand why we were both asked to immediately leave, especially with no reimbursement while we caused no public disturbance and were threatened to be arrested. I will certainly never return here or EVER recommend this establishment to our friends, family or acquaintances.