Vicki Branham
DiamondJacks Casino & Resort DiamondJacks Casino & Resort
Bossier City, Louisiana
"Vicki Branham"
This is a long review, so the quick points are: it's clean, nice, descent food just a bit dated, you can tell it was an Isle of Capri, otherwise I just thought of it as nostalgic. Not sure about the star system... It is better than a 1 or 2 but it isn't a 5 so I just picked a 4 because 3 just seemed to middle of the road... Maybe it's a 3.5! Well let's start at the beginning... I made my reservations online, on the DJ's website. When I called to discuss it I was told since I made it online if I wanted to change anything I would have to do it on the website. Ok, not a horrible problem but it wasn't as if I had made the reservation on another booking site. Anyway, when I called to see what the earliest check in time, the lady that answered was very rude. Ok, no problem, just show up and see what happens. We got here about 1:30pm and told our room would probably be ready by 3pm and it was, so that's cool. Now first impression of lobby and area, nice, clean and adequate. The bathrooms are a bit dated, but they were clean and supplied. Casino is typical. I don't tend to like boats, they are small and too smoky for me. Husband had fun. Now to the room. After reading several reviews I was worried that it would be nasty and dirty. Not true. Here are some good and bad points. The room is big. The hot tub is huge. The bathroom is nice. There is a pipe opening on a vanity that I have no clue what for. The shower is clean but the floor is very old. It still has Isle of Capri marking, like the trimmings on the counter and the swinging doors. But the dryer worked well and it had plenty of cups for hot or old drinks, no glass but that is fine by me. The flooring is laid out strangely but the this not a big deal. Only 3 pillows, would have preferred 4. No I didn't ask for more, so again no big deal. The bed is comfortable. The comforter is lumpy, washed too many times, this they could change immediately! The TV is old, they should get flat screens, but I also just chalked it up to nostalgia. But the channel selection is poor. The decor needs to be updated to get rid of the Isle of Capri feeling. I mean this is Diamond Jack's, I don't need curtains with parrots on it, something a bit classier would be nice. All in all it is a nice place, reasonsonably priced and it was clean. You won't be disappointed unless you want extremely classy surroundings. I would compare the differences to the Paragon Atrium and the old North tower. The rooms are decorated differently, very nice classic to an older style of hotel. The buffet was good. The food was different but we left full and satisfied. It was seafood. One strange thing was the gumbo, it was meat not seafood, and I thought that was bizzare on a seafood buffet night. There was an incident that they switched cashiers and tills about 4:20pm. It just opened at 4pm. There was a huge crowd. I think that the business like that should have been done prior to 4pm or after the crowd had lessened. It wasn't horrible just bad management. And it was the lead that was doing it and she acted totally unconcerned. The grill had good food too. The valet were nice and very helpful. They led us to a shuttle bus that was inexpensive rather than a cab. If you are considering staying here, I would recommend it.