James Walsh
Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
"James Walsh"
Horseshoe in now Jack and they have made small changes I wanted to visit Jack's! s. The parking was easy and the staff pleasant. They kept my card at the same status as the old Horseshoe . Nice machines to play. I see they own Turfway Park Racecourse , is that going to be a Casino too , but it is in my state of Ky. For me Belltera is closer so I usefully go there. I did want to see what was going to be like , but it was pretty much the same, just a name change. I was disappointed they did not install a free soft drink kiosk, most Casino's have them now days. It has tables and Belletera does not. I only play slots ,, so no matter to me. Of course this was the first Casino, in Cincinnati. we had to go to Lawrence burg prior to that. like any casino if you win you like it.. This is nice one