Alan Ramkhalawan
Tampa Bay Downs Tampa Bay Downs
Tampa, Florida
"Alan Ramkhalawan"
I will give this place 1 star , today is 7/24/2016, I played in a $600 PPC main event tournament and lost a poker hand which I rightfully won and a bad call by management reversed my decision and I got knocked out of my tournament. Pocket AA vs KQo with Kc, board was 3 clubs and 2 spades and a player at the table who was not in the hand after the chips were pushed to me said that 4 clubs were on the board giving my opponent a flush after 3 others at the table agreed with me saying that there were 3 clubs and 2 spades. The management did a review showed a blurry picture image saying there were 4 clubs and told me I was out of the tournament after the pot was already pushed to me. I was given a bad call in a 2-5 NL cash game which I lost $300 before due to a bad decision by management before and I left this place for months before I went back, trying to forgive and give this establishment another chance, but today I lost the potential to win $20,000.00 plus and Aruba package due to bad management. I will never again step foot in this establishment and I urge anyone who plays whether it is for recreation or professionally NOT to go to the Silks Poker Room