C Hirschmann
Mardi Gras West Casino Mardi Gras West Casino
Billings, Montana
"C Hirschmann"
Well first time in Mardi Gras casino, went to eat at the rue bayou restaurant, well you get what you pay for,18.99 and all in all it was okay,The young man lets say T J very nice young man,the waitress on the other hand lousy, i will say the prime rib was good and the fake crab rolls where lol very good,but the ambience of the place needs a great deal of work,look like a cold lunch room frpm boarding school,any way if i had wonder around a bit i would of found the french quarter, well so impressed, and this ambience was wonderful, so impress i made reservations for friday,so got done walk around and played won $60.00 so o was happy on that part so now going to stay at the hotel will let you know