Steven Sage
Sportsman Bar Sportsman Bar
Spiritwood, North Dakota
"Steven Sage"
WTF!!!! you previous people making reviews don't know sh-- what your talkin about. IT"S A DIVE BAR MORONS!!!! I had a rockin good time the other night and my beer was cold!! Bartender was nice and fast. Fri and sat are best when the dj is there. Dude rocks out!!! Bring your girl, I did and her mom a couple weeks ago !! They loved it. Don't know what these other people were expectin but this bar makes you feel good, the people are nice and they cleaned it up. I'm tired of payin high prices for a freakn beer!! just want to come in and chill with no drama. I guess its new owner and manager. that explains the improvements. Place was a mess last year and glad to see a local dive bar back in business. I bring my buddies in once in awhile after golf and rather pay the 8 bucks for a pitcher than 12 and the bikers that were in there were friendly. no complaints from me. haven't tried the food yet but will next time. I recommend this bar for anyone