Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
We just came back and checked in at 10:00 at night. When you look at the hotel, you'd assume that you would be put in one of the two towers. Well. not for us, they sent us (with bad directions) to a place across the street and not even near the hotel itself. It was on of 5 buildings that looked like it was built in the 60's. We walked in and it smelled like urine. The card machine to the building didn't even work and was being held open by a really cheap and ugly carpet. Our room was worse. There was scratchiness in the bathroom mirror, pealing wallpaper, dripping faucet, 30-year-old TV, a really loud AC, and thin sheets with no comforter. It was so terrible, it felt like I was in a motel that is off of an interstate in Kansas. When we were sleeping, the AC would blast in your face while sleeping and would be extremely loud. And when it turned off, the leaky faucet would keep you up. on top of that, people there looked like white trash and everyone seemed nasty. So we just said screw it and spend extra money to stay at Caesar's Palace. Please, don'i stay here. Spend a little extra to stay at another hotel, preferably south of the Encore.