Michael Johnson
California Hotel & Casino California Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Michael Johnson"
The only reason I give this place one star is because one star is the minimum accepted. This hotel is the filthiest hotel we have ever stayed in. The carpets on floor 5 looked like they have never been cleaned. The same trash was in the hallway for the three nights we stayed there. The floors entering and exiting the elevators were almost black with dirt. The ashtrays/trash cans looked like the sand had never been changed and the ones on the 5th floor looked like someone had gotten sick in them. We left a tip to the room maid to have the light fixed in the bathroom. Not only did she NOT pass this on, she took the tip though, but she removed the pillow case from our personal pillow that we brought with us and put that in with the linen to be cleaned and it was gone forever. We talked to a couple of upper managers on Monday and informed them of the problems with the hotel and they showed us that they could have cared less. All that they did was see to it that the ashtray/trash can in the hall by the elevator on the 5th floor was emptied and the cigarette butts were taken out of the sand. The sand was never cleaned or replaced and still looked like someone had been sick in them. Lastly, there is no place to park and check in other than using valet. We attempted to park in front of the hotel and check in but the valet people told us we needed to move and park in the lot and check in, this space by the front doors is for valet only. Never been to a hotel that one could not park outside the entrance and check in before. We will never be staying at this hotel again at the Cost of $417 for three nights we expected better than a sub-class hotel and amenities. Save your money and stay at a different hotel. But if you don't mind filth for yourself and family by all means stay here... you won't be disappointed.