David Butterworth
Plainridge Park Casino Plainridge Park Casino
Plainville, Massachusetts
"David Butterworth"
DONT COME HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE. So i have been coming here quite a bit inly to get pissed off. I am a rewards member unfortunately. The only reason i come is because its 10 minutes away and they give me $20- $60 in free play. (It varies from day to day which is retarded) i have only won maybe 3 times over $100. When i think of a casino i think $50 - $100 should last about an hour and a half on minimum bets. (Like $.50 and under). NOPE NOT THE CASE HERE. i typically blow through $75 doing minimum bets in roughly 30 minutes. Most of the staff is impolite. I have seen people win jackpots and then staff takes over 30 minutes to pay you for the jackpot. Its almost like they dont know what they are doing. The machines are definitely set to state minimums for payoffs. The food at the restaurants are very inconsistent and overall not that good and are WAY to over priced. ( id expect them to be over priced but i also expect bette quality food). Its not very clean, trash is always all over the machines and floors. I cant wait until the other Massachusetts casinos open so then this place can go out of business. You would think since the people that iwn this place have several other casinos that they would know how to run one, but it appears they are incompetent. Oh and by the way, from what staff has told people that i know, every person must average a loss of $80 per visit i believe they said. This place is an absolute joke of a casino. If you do decide you want to come, i wish you the best of luck because you are definitely going to need it.