Stephanie Keller
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"Stephanie Keller"
I recently hosted a two night bachelorette party here. The hotel itself is cool, clean, and a pleasant stay. Having all the clubs and restaurants is convenient however the staff at the front desk and billing are inconsistent rude. I was told one price when I booked, another when I checked in, and then was charged way more than both of those numbers. I was even charged the night I got there even though I asked if I would be charged before check out (I stayed 2 nights) and I was told no. I was charged an extra hundred dollars than what I was told it would be from when I checked in. When I went to the front desk to inquire the woman was snappy and unhelpful and told me the extra hundred was a deposit I would get back. When the charge finally went thru they had added another $20 on top of the hundred I was supposed to get back. When I called to ask about the charges I was told it was for occupancy fees and resort fees and having extra people in my room (even though I asked what the total would be with four people and was told the original amount before the hundred). None of which was ever told to me. I feel scammed and they refused to give me any money back. Even though I was promised one amount that apparently wasn't correct. I got four different answers about charges from four different people. "Resort fees" and "occupancy fees" should be covered by the ridiculous amount I paid for the room already. It is bs that they add that on there after. My advice stay somewhere else and go there just for the casino, restaurants, clubs, and shopping.