Wayne H
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"Wayne H"
The Palms advertises sex, even as far away as LA. That's all they promote, but the truth is if you go there, you probably will not get any action but rather get screwed by their policies. First, is a bogus $30/day resort fee. I'm just wondering what for. It's mandatory and does not even include the pool on Fri and Sat, seriously? The pool, which is advertised as having scantily clad girls, didn't have that many people at all. One of the managers told me the second pool was closed all summer because of a lack of demand. We didn't even see anyone performing on the top deck either. There was one beer girl who had her bikini so tight, it looked like it was a second-skin. But barring that not much action at the pool, and they card you there no matter your age. Heaven forbid someone would sneak into their over-hyped pool. The rooms were decent, but don't dare touch anything by the fridge or they will slap you with a big fee. There's even an intimacy kit which includes condoms and lotions, not something you see everyday at most hotels. As far as service goes, the hotel is very cheap and only has about two people to check you in or out, so you end up waiting over a half-hour just to check-in. What a lousy introduction to hotel guests. Then you find out the sauna has been closed due to lack of use, and everything closes early : fitness room at 7, the pool at 6. What is this Little House on the Prairie? For a hotel that sells sex, esp. at its pool, you would think it would be open later. The hallways are hot, which I guess is another move to save money. Basically, the hotel seems like it's trying to get by with its sex appeal from day's past, but now it's just a lower-budget hotel trying to nickle and dime its way to a profit, couple that with a good distance to the strip and its not a great deal anymore.