Marleen Kaatz-Phillips
Running Creek Casino Running Creek Casino
Upper Lake, California
"Marleen Kaatz-Phillips"
It's probably the cleanest casino around. The machines arent all "smooshed" together...the casino floor has a pretty good layout- and theres security at the front doors. The casino has a free breakfast from Midnight-2am on Saturday night into Sunday morning...for you " night owls". Their restrooms are always cleaned and well-stocked- and they have doors that close going into the restrooms...yay! Another plus... ( for those of you that have been to another casino in this know what I mean!).The only minus I have for this casino is the parking's fairly small...and pretty bumpy. It gets pretty flooded during the winter "rains", as well. All and all...I've won a few bucks here and so has my boyfriend. ?