David Alexander
Plainridge Park Casino Plainridge Park Casino
Plainville, Massachusetts
"David Alexander"
Our first time here and definitely our last. Forget the fact the machines don't pay out much if at all. There were some people winning but it was far and few between. I went to use the men's room near Flutie's ( which was near empty) and tried to use 3 different stalls and they were all a disaster. Urine and toilet paper everywhere and an attendant that was struggling to replace paper towels. I was going to mention to him the issues but he was disinterested in my opinion. Bathrooms must be kept clean and that means all the time when your facility is so small! The place was busy but the machine payouts were low in many cases compared to other casinos. I am not sure why other than greed such machines would be in use?? Our advice is don't bother!!!