Pangda Lee
Spirit Lake Casino & Resort Spirit Lake Casino & Resort
Saint Michael, North Dakota
"Pangda Lee"
First, we checked in on 7/31 @ 3pm (knowing check-in isn't intil 4pm) but since we were traveling out of state we figured it will be ok to hang out in the lobby until 4pm. At 4pm we check in with the lobbyist again and were told our standard rooms were not ready because the prior night they had a full house. I had reserved 4 standard rooms and 1 suite under my name. Luckily, the suite was ready, so I ended up taking all 25 family members into our suite (which was merely about 750 sq feet). Around 5:10pm we finally got our standard rooms. In between waiting for our rooms, we paid for our stand rooms. We got charged 3 times on one credit card and cash was paid for the 4th room. My sister-in-law went back to ask the lobbyist to refund one of the three transaction because her card should have only been charged twice. Low and behold we were told that they needed to review their security cameras. We got up at 8am on our check out day and disputed the transaction all the way until we left (11:30am). After multiple exchanged conversations, they finally refunded one payment to my sister-in-law. But, the lady who was supposedly "helping" me had the nerve to tell me: "Well, all these rooms should have been placed under all these individuals who had to pay. It would have helped with this situation we are in." I became so furious at this point (because she accused me as if it was my fault) and told her: "No! It is not my responsibility to make sure all these rooms were checked into a specific person's name. If that is you policy and procedure, whoever checked us in it was their job to do so but she didn't. When I called in last week to make reservations, I was also told the front desk person will make all the changes, so I am not held responsible for what has happened. Do you understand what I'm saying? It is not my duty to so your job." I told her this should be a learning improvement for their resort. She then counter attack me by saying: "Well, have you never heard of new employees? She was a new employee. She did get your rooms, right?" Ha! I replied: "If she is a nee employee, there should have been a supervisor who was up her training her. I can see why you guys are reviewed at 2.7" She then calls for security, perhaps she felt as if my verbal communication has now become a threat. A guy who dress in a business attire shows up, and I continue to let them how horrible their resort was. And what is a security going to do? Kick me out? No worries here. We were trying to leave that crappy place. So, if you truly want to stay here with a big group...make sure you don't get charge 3 times. Make sure you avoid getting into any sort of dispute because that will screw your day up. Customer service is horrible. This tribe is money hungry, greedy, and unprofessional. It is no wonder why they are so small. Stay your small town. And if you ever want to try and expand big like Mystic Lake, go take a few classes on customer service, room service, and proper manners on how to handle tight situations. Maybe...just maybe then you might attract a little more customers. Spirit Lake Casino should be called Devil's Lake Casino...literally.