DeeJay WubWubz
Zia Park Casino Zia Park Casino
Hobbs, New Mexico
"DeeJay WubWubz"
Cheap and affordable, but not worth your time. The casino was crowded and small. Floors reeked of dirty feet, urine, and stale alcohol. Slot machines were poor in variety and the drinks at the bar were expensive and poor in taste. Most mixed drinks tasted as if they were watered down. Beds were springy and uncomfortable. Our room was not cleaned, and the foot of the bed had a stale urine stench to it. We often left the hotel itchy and hot, as the air conditioning unit did not function correctly as it should. The casino is the only bargaining part of this hotel. Would not recommend for extended stays in New Mexico. You're better off spending the money you might lose on a trip to Vegas instead.