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I went back to Hollywood Casino/Columbus Ohio last night ,again lol I'm there every single day , probley off and on 6-10 hours a day. Spending hundreds of dollars. Remind you , Everyday here recently. Last 3-4 weeks. So I'm sitting at the Blackjack table and the Casino Host approaches me and welcomes me to the Casino, not realizing we had met prior and I understand Casino Hosts have a busy job and you can't remeber everyone. I get that. Its their job to take care of the Highrollers. I'm usually on the other side in the Poker Room or my wife enjoys the Slots so we're more over there then at the tables. I usually am at a machine an hour or two before I can get a waitress over to order a drink. I came to expect that at Hollywood. Then pay the 12$ plus 3$ tip for the waitress that took forever to come over in the first place. Yes, I have said something. I'm not a prick either. The floor girl that was over seeing that part of the casino went on a hunt to find me a waitress, she even asked what I was drinking incase she had found her. 20 more minute go by and the lady comes back and said she couldn't find her but someone is coming now. So instead of going to grab me a drink, I get made to wait even longer and still pay 13$ for my drink PLUS I'm sure I'm losing something on that damn slot that I've been at this whole time. No comps, no Casino Host no nothing but a long wait, dry mouth and a waitress that tells me not to report her because she doesn't get in trouble. I'm rambling now. The only thing that I have got from Hollywood is a Postcard to go stand in line for a 10 piece mixing bowl set. Lol The wife and I and a another couple went to Sciota Downs , we hadn't even been there an hour and I won $650. We were approached for the second time and offered a congratulations and Comp our dinner for us. Made us feel good the rest of the night. Hollywood Casino is a great place. I love it there and I've gotten to know alot of the staff aso well. I love them all as well. Ok Rant over. Have a Fantastic day and Good Luck everyone!! Joshua C Dotson

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