Jenny McMahon
Coushatta Casino Resort Coushatta Casino Resort
Kinder, Louisiana
"Jenny McMahon"
I just stayed a night in Coushatta inn Monday August 8th to Tuesday August 9th. I throughly enjoy every minute of my stay... the end when I was leaving. There was a man and a baby (under 12 months) in the lobby. He asked me to hold him while he attended to his phone trying to find a way home. After a few minutes a man in a suit came and asked him why he was still there. Apparently he had been waiting 3 hours for someone to come after he had checked out.. they told him security was about to come talk to him. A lady came (assuming head of security) and told him they didn't want him in the lobby. My ride had arrived and I gave him his son back after he spoke with her outside. I may not know the whole story behind what went on but regardless I do not agree with how the man was treated because his ride hasn't showed up. I could understand if the child was running around, crying, or being loud in any way with of them. It is 100+ degrees outside and they literally kicked him inside with his son . That child doesn't need to be outside in that heat.. oh.. but they told him he could bring the child outside when he got warm. That is not right. You are in a place for hospitality and I'm sorry but that is just unacceptable. I left such good reviews for this place but I will be blasting this on facebook to everyone and on any review place I can find and I promise it won't be nice. I left in tears for that child. If this is how you treat people then I just won't be back.