James Harlan
Cache Creek Casino Resort Cache Creek Casino Resort
Brooks, California
"James Harlan"
I deliver papers to the Casino Hotel for the guests. Often; when I'm there, I stay to do some light gambling (when I can afford it) or have some breakfast. I've visited a couple of the restaurants there; and though expensive, they have really good food and great customer service. As a bonus, there is minimal to no wait time do to how early it is. I've always had great service from those working at the front desk, valet, and the people who I deliver the papers to. Security is always present but not intrusive. They give you the feel of security without the fear commonly associated with armed men and women. All in all; I've had nothing but great service and assistance when needed for someone who is just there to deliver papers. Also; where I've had others deliver the papers for me, they too have had similar experiences.