Karla Blackmon
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Jacksonville, FL
"Karla Blackmon"
My biggest concern about this boat is that staff are brought update about the rules regulation. For example; my husband and I received a complimentary non-alcohol from from because the seas where for us to go out. Before we got of the boat we serval staff member can we take our non-alcoholic drink with us. This the exact words from staff. Yes Sir and yes ma'am we are sorry for any inconvenience. So as we approach the bottom of the deck. The security person stop us and said we could not take and drinks of the boat. I advise her that we had got permission to leave off the boat. She called her security supervisor which I was glad. Before I can open mouth he started talking. I asked him to please hear my concerns first instead of talking over me. I told him that someone need to be standing to the top before we exist the boat if nothing could be taken off and also train the staff the boat guidelines and procedures. ??