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Jul 27 '16 at 0:14


DON'T STAY HERE. I have stayed at many different all inclusive resorts in several different countries. The Grand Bahia Príncipe Jamaica is by far the worst resort I have ever visited. I don't even know where to start because so many things were wrongs with this resort. First, we arrived to the resort expecting a junior suite superior with two double beds but only received one king bed. When I notified the front desk staff of this mistake, they were extremely rude. They refused to accommodate my request for a new room and made no attempts to compensate me for the inconvenience after a long day of traveling. After about an hour of back and forth with the hotel staff, I was finally moved to a new room. Furthermore, the hotel decor is extremely outdated, the carpet in the hallways are in need of a deep cleaning, and the bedroom are not extravagant or picture worthy (just an average hotel room). Also, the hotel is in the middle of nowhere. You have to travel about 40 minutes to Ocho Rio and 1 1/2-2 hours to Montego Bay. You have to sell your firstborn child to leave the resort via taxi to travel to Ocho Rio and Montego Bay. The taxis on the resort's property (and the servers in the restaurants trying to make money off of tourist) will charge you between $20-50 per person to travel to Ocho Rio regardless of how big of a group you have( I was traveling with 60 people). Don't even think about trying to find someone cheaper because outside taxis are not allowed on the resort's property. The house-keeping staff at the resort were extremely nice but they had a bad habit of trying to clean your room at 8am. Their cleaning schedule is extremely early for someone trying to relax and sleep in on vacation. If you did not expect this early clean up time they would "forget" to clean your room that day. When the housing-keeping staff did clean the rooms they took all of the towels and face/wash cloths and you had to call to the front desk and wait at least two hours for them to bring new ones to the room. The food in the buffet was not good and I was disappointed in the lack of variety in the food choices. Many of the restaurants ran out of everything such as ice, food, and plates. Additionally, the specialty restaurants were always booked but when you walked passed them at night they were always empty. When we finally got a reservation the restaurant ran out of ice so the drinks were warm including the wine and we were not able to eat dessert because they started removing the food before we finished our entrees. The drinks at the resort were okay but it was difficult to get drinks at the pool bar because there were a million and one children at the pool bar. This would be a great family resort but if you are an adult looking to relax by the pool with a drink don't go here. Also, the bar closed at 12am. I learned this when the staff turned off the lights on my friends and I while we were enjoying drinks. The resort's staff did not announce last call or that the bar would be closing shortly. They simply hit the lights off. I can't even give an accurate review on the entertainment at the resort because I missed everything. The resort did not provide an overview of the daily events in your room daily. Lastly, the customer service was not great or receptive to feedback and they always got an attitude when you expressed your concerns. Overall, I enjoyed my 7 days vacation with my friends but this resort was the worst place I have ever stayed.