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Feb 24 '21 at 23:58

Deuces Diner

Employee marissa was very rude not just one time but two . I ordered a frie and a cookie and they called 2 customers that were after me with bigger orders so I thought I was skipped and I told marissa they skipped my order I thought and very rude with ugly attitude told me no we didn't skip your order and I told her she was being rude and she replied back well u said we skipped your order we do didnt and that the orders don't come out in order Wich I thought was weird considering I had only two items . Then when I got my order the fries I ordered were large but to me the fries seemed small considering when I ordered fries the day before for some reason seemed alot larger so she then grabbed the bag from me went and got two frie bags to prove her point but this is where I was in disbelief considering I've been working in the field of customer service for over 30 years she then threw the fries on the table the whole bag completely out to show me what came in the bag Wich I feel was totally uncalled for while all customers eating nearby witnessed what she did and were in disbelief of what she did!! That was totally pointless and embarrassing when I'm the customer she then told me she was gonna give another bag of fries . Well sure I should hope so since the fries I ordered were on the table. This marissa does not belong in customer service she is always rude and makes me uncomfortable whenever she takes my order I eat in dueces dinner every week when I come down from monterey ca to play at the casino!! As long as I see her working the front I refuse to eat from there ever again I will pass this on to others also. Very disappointed with her actions number 1 rule u never argue with a customer but at deuces dinner I'm guessing they think differently!!I I hope noone else has to experience what I just did today Feb,24,2021 at approximately 3pm-330pm