Luis Mercedes
Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino
Sanya Bay
"Luis Mercedes"
Stayed 7 nights 4 of them we had no hot water. A ton of mosquitos in our room and on the first night I was bitten 12 times. Some of the staffs were pleasant however one of the staff members who works in animation was leading a game of soccer on the beach. At the same time my wife and my 1 year old son was also at the beach playing in the sand for the first time when out of nowhere the soccer ball came flying hitting my son in the back. The guy from animations (Capuchino) came over and asked for the ball without apologizing and kept playing. Not even 3 minutes later the ball comes flying striking my son in his head. So my wife takes the ball and refuse to give it back based on the same worker coming over and asking for the ball without acknowledging what took place. I would not recommend this resort to anyone. Our last resort (Melia) was way better and their employees were more courteous.