Michelle Clark
Mornington Racecourse
Mornington, Victoria
"Michelle Clark"
I discovered Outlook Enviromental Mornington 6 months ago, as I am a keen recycler myself, and in the beginning there were some good bargains and the staff (girls) were friendly enough, and were happy to barter on some items. Slowly the prices have been rising to a now extremely high price tag on most items they get donated. I went to ask if I could purchase an item with no tag listed, and offered a price for the item, the man behind the counter was extremely RUDE when I made an offer, in fact he was a downright arse! ... he said it was newly there and the price on the item was the price it is.. I told him there was no price on it so he threw a price on it and said there! WOW! nearly retail for an item someone was throwing away... good way to make a killing on your 100% profit junk... Will never go back there again ... Lift your game outlook, and at least be nice to your customers while you rob them blind!