Juanita Vang
Osage Casino - Tulsa Osage Casino - Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Juanita Vang"
Let me tell you about Osage Casino. I've been working here for over ten years. I NEVER wake up dreading to go to work. They take care of their employees. They have great benefits: healthcare, match 5% of your 401K, free life insurance, pay for higher education costs, etc, etc. The company cares about its people and does the best they can. We're a smaller casino and it's smoky, but we're growing and building a newer casino in Tulsa soon. The best thing we offer is great guest service to all of our casino patrons. This is a rule for all of the employees! Everyone is generally nice and helpful to our guests. And don't forget about the pizza! People come to our casino specifically for the pizza. ¡Che Buono! If you're talking about slot machine and table games pay outs, it's the same at every casino. I lose all the time when I go to the other casinos. Either you're lucky or you aren't! Ha. The question is whether or not you're having fun while you're doing it. I truly believe we offer an entertaining experience. If you have a problem with a panhandling or anything, find an employee and tell us, so we can fix the problem sooner than later.