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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Lost Key Travel"
We have cruised on MSC cruises two times, both times were in the YachtClub, both cruises were very pleasant and enjoyable, but this review is not about the cruise itself but the customer service I received when I called to cancel the future cruise. I spoke with the customer representative which was very rude and not willing to help, when I saw that she wasn't going to help me I asked for a supervisor to my disappointment she was actually a lot worse than the rep before her. I explained my situation and asked her to cancel my cruise. After waiting for 2 1/2 weeks with no credit showing on my credit card account I decided to call back. I spoke with a different agent that told me that there is no record of me ever contacting MSC, when I proceeded to tell him the date and the time of my previous call, he started arguing with me telling me that there would be a "timestamp" on my account shown what time I spoke with an agent and since there wasn't one there is no way I spoke with somebody with their company. Having cruised over 40 times with other cruise lines, I would say that this is the first time I've been treated like this. I hope MSC takes comments like this very seriously and changes the way customer reps speak with customers, until then I will be spending my money with the competitors.