jeffrey kicia
Grand Lake Casino Grand Lake Casino
Grove, Oklahoma
"jeffrey kicia"
We have had a fantastic time every time we vacationed at Black Hawk Ameristar during the past two years. However, our last visit was a bit disrupting as we were kept up until 01:00 hrs on 09 August 2016 while I was sick with a two day virus. We contacted security and they physically mitigated the problem guests with their unrudely and obnoxious partying while we tried to sleep. I personally went to their door (Room 2523) and asked them politely to keep down the loud noise and slamming of their door. Later at the departure counter we mentioned our displeasure to a manager and he offer us a verbal "were sorry" and that was the end of it. Nothing was offered or concretely done to assist us until I made the initial call and inquiry.This management needs to immediately commence on denying "Brats" and "Kids" ages 18 to 19 years of age from reserving a room without parental supervision and raise these immature mentalities from reserving a room from an Adult Casino. Yours Sincerely, Business Owner& Owner, M.S., double B.A., United States Armed Forces Veteran(Two-Honorable Discharges) Former Professional & World Class Athlete, Justice Network National Legal Representative, and Political Candidate, Kicia, J. Jeffrey