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Jul 23 '13 at 5:03

Calvin n'Hobbs

Calvin n'Hobbs
It's a super busy night club/bar! * you'll find Lot's of younger age people, like myself (cuz it's a popular College bar/club!) The DJ's played everything with a dance beat! ** Super fun weekend place when the sun went down! (If you're looking for a small, boring, dead bar with a quiet- scene, this place is Not for you!) ? * usually real cheap drink specials before 11pm each week. well, there was on monday, fri and sat when I was there anyway. * They have black jack tables, darts & * good sized pool section! * they had free popcorn - free pop for for DD's (sober cab) which I thought was nice! I enjoyed going there and will be def be back! ooh, haha, And If you ladies dress showing all skin, don't expect the young males to not chase you like meat. ;-) it's all about how you present yourself. Just sayin. I didn't have that problem. I was also dressed/covered cleavage, etc.. to NOT welcome that problem into my evenings either.