Jessica Graham
Paris Las Vegas Paris Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jessica Graham"
From the moment I entered the store the older white woman was not interested in assisting me. I am a size 12/14 and as soon as I began looking at dresses she was telling me they would not fit me. I told her "you have size large and size 12 right here" and she said "but you look bigger". I was appalled she would insult a customer in that manner. I have actually purchased clothing from that store before including dresses and they were nice but I will NEVER spend money there again. She was very rude and when I asked for her name she refused to give it. Horrible customer service, horrible attitudes and their clothes are cheap quality from what they used to be. Don't waste your time or money and if you are over a size 6, don't bother walking in or the old white lady will fat shame you.