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Aug 23 '16 at 14:55

Gisele Rodrigue

Gisele Rodrigue
We paid extra to get a free mini bar during our star, when we arrived the little fridge was empty We talked to the front desk saying there going to send someone right away, it neveer show up untill 11 pm when we were already sleeping, so we told them to come back the next morning, we had to go to the front desk again in the morning to tell them to go and stock the bar we had to go out for an hour came back and the fridge was not stocked yet had to come back again and finally did. The room was wayyy too small, how the bathroom is set up is horrible they dont have a lock in the door and the bathroom is divided by 3 sections thats in the other tower where is supposed to be better because we paid extra for that room, the main tower the rooms are bigger for some reason i had friends that stayed in the other Tower also dueing our 4 night stay the cleaning ladies only show up once to clean the room on thw fourth day we disnt have any towels. I stayed there like 3 weeks ago and have to keep calling because of weird charges in my credit card. I dont know if i will ever stay at this hotel again . Also the restaurant north shide cafe is the worst we had to wait 20 minutes and moved over to the bar to get service when they werent even busy.