Michael Delpach
Crown Perth Crown Perth
Burswood, Western Australia
"Michael Delpach"
Romantic and enjoyable atmosphere and friendly staff. Comfortable seats. Just one star less for professionalism. We ordered Lobster san choy bau?. The dish arrived and the staff prepared it and served it on the table. My wife asked me whether it was lobster. Thinking in my head, "obviously has to be, we ordered it", I just asked the waitress whether it was lobster. She said "the kitchen is very busy today, this is scallops san choy bau". We said, "but we ordered Lobster san choy bau, didn't we?". She said "yes you did". Later she said "kitchen got it mixed up". My wife worked it all out much faster than me. Basically, they just hid the fact that the kitchen made an error but let it slip as if we would not notice or to take it for granted.