janelle wyatt
El Cortez Hotel & Casino El Cortez Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"janelle wyatt"
Update: Our car along with 6 other cars were broke into while parked in a "secure" parking garage. Despite security throughout casino, hotel, and entrance to the parking garage, along with video surveillance somehow a car jacker was able to steal a van in the garage, drive up several levels, smash out car windows, rifle through cars, then pop the engine hood on all vehicles and tear out wires and caps from the engine compartment before making his way back into the casino where staff noticed him from when he stole goods from the gift shop prior to the garage rampage. To add insult to injury here none of the victims got a visit from hotel management to apologize or offer a goodwill compensation on hotel fees or even dinner to make up for the hassle we endured........(Remaining comments were our impression BEFORE our car got vandalized) First impression started when we entered the parking garage and was greeted by a security guard who asked if we were a guest or had reservations. He then looked for our name on a list, when he found our name he directed us toward parking. We took an elevator down to the lobby and casino floor. The building smelled clean, the restrooms were clean and smelled clean. The decor and architecture were impressive, historical details are preserved and showcased as seen in the woodwork and fixtures and lighting. The ambiance really takes you back to another time. There are gaming machines throughout, and actual coin machines! The staff at the check in desk were very courteous and professional. No long lines either, which is a relief compared to other hotels that are jam packed! We reserved rooms in the suites located across the street. The walk is very short, especially compared to other hotels where everything is in one building, but who's hotels are so massive it takes forever to get to your room. At the El Cortez it was just a short walk to the suites. We were greeted by a friendly security guard confirmed we were guests before unlocking and opening the entrance door for us. Then we were greeted by friendly front desk staff who confirmed what floor our room was located and optional parking for our car. The building was very clean with modern twist of decor. Our room is bright, clean, and spacious. With a view of the street below. A mini fridge is available. Complimentary El Cortez bottled water available on the counter. There are options for other bottled water and snacks with a list of itemized charges for the guest to consider. The room and fixtures are very modern. The door to the room is a heavy door and can slam shut loudly if not gently guided shut. There is mild noise from the street below, but not terribly noticeable. The rooms temperature can be controlled by the guest. Complimentary toiletry items for showering. We are very happy with our El Cortez experience.