Chris Varley
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"Chris Varley"
Waste of 3 and half grand, I am British age 25 am not a chronic moaner always see the glass half full not half empty but on this occasion it was difficult, firstly I had my Paul smith original multi stripe shirt from Harrods in London which was very expensive to buy and there wouldn't check CCTV at first there said there would happily then started acting all strange and wouldn't let me look for myself, secondly the hot tub in the room did not have a plug and was unable to use it finally got fixed day 6 after complaining everyday, thirdly there then tried to kick me out the hotel as I had a go with a member of staff for trying to sell my 14year old brother cannabis, after be made to pack all my bags and went down to lobby where I explained to Thomas cook what has happened and there reinstated my stay instantly and also last but not least cleaner took 700 dollars from my hotel room, am absolutely devastated about all this because I saved for such a long time to pay for it and a really horrible week but the tours are great the scape park tour is a must see