Kristina Snyder
Soboba Casino Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California
"Kristina Snyder"
Local fun, but be cautious to a noisy, rude , homewrecken employee named Jennifer Robledo. I've been a great patron of Soboba Casino for years and never did I know that a slot of attendants job description included babysitting me and reporting to my family and loved ones each and everytime they see me in the casino. Well, it's not! Unless you are security and I have committed a crime what I do, who I'm with, how much money I win or lose is my business not yours! and it's not appreciated that my anonymity is not respected there. From a business perspective an employee such as Jennifer Robledo is only causing loss profits, and a company who appreciates money and good patronage would handle this matter appropriately . Employees who are causing it's company to lose money, and local loyalty from someone such as myself should have consequences and respect all guests identity and Anonymity .