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Mar 28 at 2:28

The M Resort

Currently in this casino experienced first time in my 20 years playing life situation, played high limit room, loose enough money, go to the main floor to continue playing smaller, put $100 in the machine start to put more money that didn’t going trough, after many attempts “call attendant” message shows, then attendant come, didn’t find my $100, then manager come, told he’ll look what happened, left, come after 30 minutes, told me that I put $1 bill inside and if I want he can give me it back :-), I was already late for my stake house reservation, $100 after my loosing is not too big, but it was a principle for me and my husband now, after dinner told to speak with the host. NO VIP HOST AVAILABLE ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Unfortunately for me I was insert money first and not insert my card yet. INFORMATION FOR YOU: when they look in the machine it set up at 79% RETURN, hope you understand. DISCLAIMER: I play responsibly, and my review did not appear on my losing or winning, I’m just trying to give you honest observation. NO COFFEE MACHINE IN THE ROOM, but you can RENT ONE, nice newish hotel...