Da'Jai Harris
Maryland Live! Casino Maryland Live! Casino
Hanover, Maryland
"Da'Jai Harris"
I traveled out to Maryland Live Casino from Richmond, Va on a bus trip with my mom. It was my very first time ever being to a casino and in celebration of my twenty first birthday. You would think being carded would be the highlight of finally turning twenty one, but it was actually quite the opposite here at Maryland Live Casino. The door guards in red blazer coats were very unfriendly and unprofessional. They had no communication amongst one another or no apparent signs of awareness or observance of what was going on between one another. I could walk pass and one ask me for my ID, and circle back around all for the guard right beside the other to ask me all over again. When explaining to them that someone just ID'd you, they gave no explanations as to why they were doing this again. They took no moment to give you a brief synopsis of policy / procedure as to why it made sense or even been " mandatory " that one check you just after another. Instead they'd cut you off and get smart, one man even stated " ma'am I asked you to see your ID" completely missing the fact that me as a customer obviously had no problem in providing a legal id as I was approved to originally enter the casino, it was a matter of trying to understand why in the hell do y'all keep asking me to do this. And it didn't happen just once. Before entering you have to have valid id to receive a red card with your first and last name on it showing proof of age, And when you're wearing the card visibly as you enter and exit I'm not sure why they do this. My experience here from beginning to end was very piss poor. I was on a timed trip spent the first hour waiting for them to fix my mothers spelling on her badge that was typed up incorrectly. When speaking with supervisors, they were very nonchalant about the fact that we had to get back in a very long line to wait to be serviced AGAIN due to employee error on a limited trip. My mom asked what could be done about the inconvenience of what was suppose to be such a significant moment for myself, the original supervisor she spoke with immediately jumped to conclusion that she wanted some type of credit on the red cards or something and said what could not be done. Working in customer service myself I know the first thing you do is apologize about what has been done, address it, and then see what can be done for a customer/ member at all , if not atleast listen to thier concerns. There was no staff stationed in areas for quick questions or help for new comers / first timers. We literally had to figure everything out ourselves. We were also asked if it was our first time attending and told that there may be rewards for those attending for the first time, even though the very first person who checked us in said there were no benefits to being a first time visitor. The person I checked in with when I let him know this was my first visit just smiled and said welcome , like " ok congratulations." lol this entire experience was such a joke from beginning to end. Machines were out of service, when you did get a hold of staff they would tell you they'll be right back and never show up. I played every little game I could with my little $30 that came on my card for the bus trip, when I finally started having fun I was winning and losing. Winning again, and lost again. That part was fun and a learning experience but I don't think I would've felt so poorly after losing had I had a GREAT experience. You guys really have to do better. Definitely dropped the ball. And from what my mom says, this isn't even your biggest location .. This one is much newer abd smaller , yet staff acts more busy, rude , and uninterested. You're provided no drinks or offered drinks ( I'm guessing I had to go find them), then you lose a little money and go home. If I knew this trip would provide this experience I definitely would've spent my sunny Saturday in VA.