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Aug 30 '16 at 23:28

Jim Faulkner

Harrah's Philadelphia

Jim Faulkner
They don't pay out anymore when I went there with my son when the place first opened had 25cent machines and they were in circle. Jackpot was $3-400BUCKS you literally win some money on practically all of them 1 after the other hit and hit again or move to next seat hit go to a lot of the machines blazing sevens sizzling sevens red,white, blue double diamond,double gold and hit decent jackpots had a great buffet and got rid of that totally let down food got worse then they closed it down have a bunch of over priced horrible restraints now and used to really get you in the mood to want to come out and spend money. The bar setup is even lame now no women in outfits I'm writing this post not my dad by the way!! They now have a night for women to see male dancers but just really need to open up a club and possibly a few rooms at a normal regular any motel rate! I really see a whole different vision with the place and it was headed in right dir direction in beginning first 5 or so years then just pretty much go now just cause for most part pointless to go all the way to AC anymore just not like it was when I was a little boy I'm 30 and grew up around casinos and even back then had a ball now you can't bring your kids nothing down there and they don't comp you never win the place is I'm sad shape the only thing keeping it alive is the shore I'm summer and the hottest night clubs at Harrah and Trip again put me in charge no doubt I would bring it back to a better way than its being left now.. Thanks GOV. Chris 4 NOTHING JUST RUIN IT THE REST OF THE WAY. I WAS FOR YOU EVEN VOTED FOR YOU BUT YOU SOLD OUT!! SORRY TO RAMBLE JUST HAVE Alot to and that I know about and can say about this stuff it's what I grew up around!!