Great Blue Heron Charity Casino Great Blue Heron Charity Casino
Port Perry, Ontario
Horrible casino experience. 1) 6 electronic table games had lights out, buttons not working or out of order signs on them. PS--video blackjack is super boring as there's no interaction...its u and a screen 2) The dealers don't talk. Most casinos, the dealers will talk with the players to get the excitement going, with bubbly personalities.......not here. you could hear crickets at these tables. Ask a bit boss why the dealers don't talk and you the reply from 2 bosses is "This is serious business and their jobs are serious. They will explain the rules if you are unfamiliar with play. Otherwise, we don't encourage interaction with patrons" BORING in other words. 3) The Asians and chineese dealers DO NOT SMILE, DO NOT TALK and DO NOT congratulate when you win. its obvious they are making either minimum wage or are illegal immigrants 4) Dirty Dirty washrooms, no toilet paper, garbages over flowing. 5) The SADDEST tuna sandwhich ever. paper thin (looks like a mcdonalds hamburger) and it came with exactly 20 skinny French fries....$7 bucks for a snack suitable for a toddler. We had a group of 6, we brought a total of $3,000. After 2 hours of boredom we left. Drive the extra 2 hours to Gananoque for a real casino...the blue heron is total bullshit boring and dirty.