Shlomo Cohn
Iberotel Cairo Hotel & Casino Iberotel Cairo Hotel & Casino
"Shlomo Cohn"
Worst 5 star hotel we been to. Before i start this rating I'm writing is only after 2-3 hours being here worth all these issues we had already faced. First after going through security they told us no shisha, which is hookah. "No smoking in the room," we told him why would we want to smoke in the room. We are from California where you can't smoke almost anywhere especially in hotels. I told him we're not even going to us it, its a gift. He didn't believe us and wanted us to either leave the bag or take it out and let them hold it for the day for us. We aren't even spending the night. So we had no choice but to go to the room and give it to them so they could see its tapped and wrapped up and can't be used. Also the lady at check-in counter once we checked in told us that breakfast included tomorrow and i told her we leave tonight, not here tomorrow. This was after the son's of the guy that owned the tour company we used told her were here for the night only, which we also had many issues with their tourig company. She replied for me to "deal with the restaurant then." The restaurant let us eat but the food was ok nothing special, however, we didn't get no napkins, coffee cups or anything. A 5 star hotel should offer things before you have to get everything yourself or already proceed it to you before you sit or as you sit down. But when an older gentlemen looks to be 60s sat next to us they gave him a napkin and offered him coffee or tea just not us, probably because we are younger in our 30s. We also seen that they had shisha or hookah outside the buffet. I guess they were scared that we would have used our shisha that is wrapped up instead of theirs. We don't even Buffets in Egypt aren't usually good even if 4 star or 5 star this was one of the better breakfast ones, but i had better in the states at 3 star hotels. In addition, the room they gave us the key didn't work. They called maintenance or said they did. After we got back an hour later from breakfast the lock still wasn't fixed. We went back to the front desk. They said they called someone i told them no one fixed it. I told them just change our rooms, they said no rooms are ready even though she didn't look at her computer and this place wasn't packed. The guy that helped us to our room told me to dial 3 for maintenance so i did. The lady on the other line said the lady called her already. I replied no one is here though, she replied she will send someone over. It took 20 min as we left almost back to the front the maintenance guy finally came. He programed the lock, so the lock works after trying 5 times every time, i guess it's fixed for their standards. 5 star hotel in the states would have gave us another room and compensate us for the troubles. Here is like we're bothering them, why even stay here. Also the pool is dirtier than the Nile river, which we swam in the day before. The gym only has one bathroom with a dry and steam sauna in it, but i got yelled at because i didn't see a printed schedule to the right of the wall in 11point font that shows alternating tomes for male and females to use it. I told him sorry i didn't see it maybe make it more visible and bigger. How are we supposed to know how they operate. A 5 star hotel would either have separate bathrooms with either have shared saunas or separate saunas. I don't know how this hotel got a 5 star rating, no one even apologized for the problems that we were having. The tv has no working channels. Also we fly out tonight and need sleep because we'll be up all night traveling to Israel, but can't get any sleep since they are fixing, drilling, hammering on other rooms in the hallway outside our room as we are trying to sleep. They do not respect their guests. Egypt cruises and hotels in Egypt, since i already went to a few either states they are 4 or 5 star, remember it is not the same rating as you might expect. They are normally 2 to 3 star hotels in disguise. No one even said that they are sorry for the issues.