Alexandra Sheppard
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"Alexandra Sheppard"
Lunch! On a BOAT! Once the initial novelty of eating with the seagulls wears off, you're left with a decidedly average restaurant. Which is a shame. The menu wasn't anything special, and my fried fish with grilled veggies was nice enough. My only problem was that, despite it being nearly empty, the service was very very slow. We waited ages between getting seated, having our order taken, our drinks arriving, our food arriving and getting the bill. Not great if you're hungry or impatient to do more exploring. It was also a bit pricier than most of the other restaurants we visited in Tallinn - perhaps there is a boat premium we're unaware of?You can eat below deck or on the upper level, which is outside and has lovely views of sailing boats and the Tallinn skyline. Sit there if it's sunny. Just don't expect to be served in a hurry.