Bill T
Maryland Live! Casino Maryland Live! Casino
Hanover, Maryland
"Bill T"
Highly disappointed! I am a craps player for the most part. I have to admit I have very little good to say about Maryland Live. Of all the casinos I seen across the country, I have to say that Maryland Live is the worst, 2nd being Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore. 1st, the positive.... There are a very select few "good dealers" at the craps tables at Maryland Live. Dobrin, Michael, Michael, Brian, Jose, Cynthia and a couple more. These are excellent dealers and if after you read this review you choose to go to Maryland Live to play craps, please look for these dealers. They will treat you well. 2nd, the not so positive..... I have been going to Maryland Live since it opened. At first, it was very nice. A well run casino. Dealers were welcoming and appreciative (reference the names listed above). As time went by I noticed people and attitudes change for the worst. This is no longer a well run casino (at least not at the craps tables). Not even close. Either the casino has hired "plants" to disrupt the rolls (you will definitely know them when you hear them) (One guy smacks the table and screams, another guy will place large confusing bets then argue with the dealer and intimately cancel his bet "over and over again")or the dealers and pit bosses just don't care. Not that I am expecting them to care about my money, just wanted them to be professional. Only in this casino are players allowed to place late bets, leave their hands over the rails as a player shoots, place a bet when the dice are in the air (again and again). The dealers, when they get board they tap the table with the stick or talk amongst themselves only stopping to pick up your chips when the roll ultimately goes south. Better yet, if a dealer is trying to look good for a cute player, the dealer will flirt with that player and put you down, do anything to disrupt your roll even slowly pass you the dice because he thinks that is funny. (to that old black dealer who was kind enough to do that to me.... I hope she gave you her number) I've learned to walk away from the table when dealers like this arrive. I've seen fights break out, I've seen unruly (rude, obnoxious, vulgar, threatening) players be allowed to play. I've seen the dealers / pit bosses do nothing to gain control of an unruly player. This is the only casino that I have been in that allows such behavior. I can honestly say without reservation. I will not return to Maryland Live or Horseshoe. I've talked to several dont's players who now go to Horseshoe because they said they are no longer welcome at Maryland Live. They won too much money. To be honest.... I can see why. I understand and expect the odds to be in the casinos favor. But do they really need to stack the deck in their favor. If you think I am just an angry looser then please ignore what I have written and go see for yourself. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. One last thing, please go to Maryland Live on a Friday night or Saturday. The music is was too loud, there is no place to park (close to the casino) and all the interesting people seem to go to the casino on these nights. I've said my piece, good luck