Aaron Hall
The Colony Sporting Club The Colony Sporting Club
"Aaron Hall"
This was about our 4th year in a row playing this course in August, it has been part of our fantasy football draft day ritual. This course has always been in impeccable shape with the best greens (bent grass) in the area. Complete disappointment is the only way I can describe this course today. I'm not sure how a course can go downhill so fast in one year, but it did. The green on hole #1 is a complete disaster. It has divots all over it, mixed with sand, dirt and is just a complete mess. Forget trying to make a read, just pick up your ball and call it good. Some of the greens on the later holes were not as bad, but the greens are the worst that I have ever seen. I should have known, that when I received a coupon e-mail to play for $49.99, that something was amiss. They used to always play the bag pipes when we pulled up to the course. Totally a unique thing that only The Tribute did, well those are gone now too. I felt it was part of an experience when you played that course, but not anymore. A couple of changes inside, which did absolutely nothing for the clubhouse, they switched where the restaurant and pro shop used to be and took away the breakfast menu. They do however have crappy breakfast tacos now that they give away. We will be now looking for a new course to play next year, so sad.

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